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Greatly improve the output of the desulfurization gypsum dryer if you hold this five key essentials

Source:Zhengzhou Taida     Time:2017-12-26    点击率:35

Along with the rapid expansion of demand of the raw material, the dryer industry has been pulled up. Modern industry, the drying system is important for food, medicine, chemical industry, cement, plastic, etc. In recent years, with the developing of science and technology of the dryer equipment in China, the industry is developing rapidly.So how to improve the output of the desulfurization gypsum dryer production?

rotary kiln calciner

According to our long experience, we give you five suggestions

1.To add more dispersing deviceboard inside the dryerin this way we could increase the heating area, improve the conditions of heat exchange, increase production.

2.To reduced the size of material into the dryer. We also provide energy saving ball mill

3.To reduce the moisture of the material.

4.To increase the temperature as well as the speed of airflow in the case of ensure the normal operation of equipment and without destroying the material properties.

5.Strengthen management in order to improve the efficiency of equipment. 

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