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Cereal Tower Dryer

Cereal Tower Dryer

Application:  Widely applied to dry paddy,wheat,corn,soybean,rice and other seeds.
Capacity: 100-600 ton/d.
Delivery: 15-39days.
Raw material: The dryer uses paddy,wheat,cornsoy,bean,rice and other seeds.
Product Details
Product introduction

Cereal tower dryer:

Ideal equipment used to dry cereal and oil

The products to process are imported from the top end via feeding device to ensure that the equipment will always be in the full load condition during operation

Through an inward reversed, non-bottomed and the joint role of staggered array processing and multi-V-shaped baffle makes the products to mix

Working as dry air access

The majority of dry air can be reused with very little fuel consumption

cereal tower dryer manufacturer

Design features of Cereal tower dryer:

Fuel flows in the equipment without power, easy to operate, less area used

Drying materials through diversity areas, achieve continuous, soothing, uniform exchange of the hot and humid

Used automatic control and materials staying time in the tower can be easily adjusted

Through airflow control and movement, products processed can achieve uniformity and thorough drying

The tower dryer is ideal for slow and uniform drying

Dryer characteristics of Cereal tower dryer:

Drying quality and natural drying are basically the same

Products processed smell and look normal after drying

Rice storms lumbar rate is low, coincident with the national standard

Soybean, rapeseed oil producing rate and wheat gluten quality are reduced

No dead ends appear in processed products, such as tablets Jiaohu phenomenon


Technical Parameters


specification item
YTD-2 YTD-5 YTD-10 YTD-15 YTD-20 YTD-25 YTD-35
output (t/h) 1-3 5 10 15 20 25 35
dryer heat load (+20℃)(kj/h) 1.8×106 3.9×106 6.4×106 9.6×106 12.8×106 16×106 22.3×106
dryer heat load (-20℃)kj/h 2.9×106 5.8×106 9.5×106 14.2×106 18.9×106 23.7×106 33×106
Air heating furnace type RFL-30 RFL-60 RFL-100 RFL-150 RFL-200 RFL-250 RFL-380
air heating furnace heat load (kj/h) 3×106 6×106 10×106 15×106 20.8×106 25.1×106 37.5×106
precipitation rate (%) 10-12 10-12 10-12 10-12 10-14 10-14 10-14
power (kw) 18.5 37.5 68 100 118 140 168

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Cereal tower dryer

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