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How to Effectively Choose Coal Powder Injection Device for Rotary Kiln

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  As a large fuel consumption equipment, rotary kiln must be matched with coal injection device. Only with the cooperation with efficient and good coal powder injection device, can rotary kiln carry out good production effect. You may ask what the specific function of coal powder injection device is.
Coal injection device plays a very important role in clinker calcining process. The coal powder injection device affects the quality of cement clinker, output capacity, service life of refractory materials and unit thermal consumption. Coal powder injection device is an essential parameter in cement production.

coal injection device for rotary kiln
The basis to check whether coal injection device can work effectively is to see whether it can exert two main parameters of primary air. The full mix between fuel and air is helpful to keep stable flame and achieve superior flame.
1.   Coal injection device which holds strong thrust can maintain reasonable flame and proper high temperature zone. It cannot only extend running period of rotary kiln materials and improve clinker quality. What’s more, it can decrease air volume of primary air and greatly reduce thermal consumption.
2.   Make primary air mix fully with air. Primary air can mix fast with fuel at the injection nozzle. Meanwhile, operator must mix secondary air with primary air and fuel jet stream. The mixing speed is decided by the proportion of combined primary air and the momentum of fuel injection flow and secondary air.

coal injection device for rotary kiln
3.   Make primary air helpful to the stability of flame. The flame shape is relevant to coal powder size, ash content, volatile components and injection speed. When the flame’s speed at outlet port exceeds 80m/, it is hard to form stable flame. But good-quality burner can guarantee stable flame. The key technology is to form an internal recirculation area in front of gas nozzle. Burnt gas will be dragged back from the downstream of flame.

Application Case

  Hunan Changsha cement co, Ltd: 3500t/D; This project regards anthracite as main fuels. In May, 2012, this production line encountered many problems, such as low pressure of primary air and large air volume. These problems seriously affects the quality of final products and service life of refractory bricks. After applying Zhengzhou Taida professional multi-channel coal powder burner and one-month’s adjustment, the running performance has improved greatly.
  As a professional industrial kiln furnace manufacturer, Zhengzhou Taida cannot only provide customers with various rotary kiln equipment, but also customize auxiliary equipment according to customer’s specific situation. In addition, Zhengzhou Taida technical team can offer you many reasonable suggestions on selecting coal injection device. If you want to consult more questions, you can call us at 0086-18539990967 or send email to info@tdaxy.com

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