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Fly Ash Rotary Dryer

Fly Ash Rotary Dryer


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The investment required is 1/6 of the imported products
It will ensure you the final material a moisture below 0.5% which is the first product of ash and slag product line
Cylinder self-insulation thermal efficiency as high as 80% (traditional monocular dryer thermal efficiency was only 35%) to improve thermal efficiency of 45%
Fuel, kerosene vapor applicable, 20mm below the block to dry powder material feed pellets
Dryer than the monocular area of about 50% reduction, 50% reduction in civil engineering, power consumption decreased to 60%.
Use and manufacture than ordinary steel, alloy steel wear plate 4 times
Can be customized easily control the required final moisture indicator
Outlet temperature is low, dust removal device a long time
The size of gears without using the tugs turn

Working Principle

In order to avoid the entrance of large materials into the dryer and improve drying effect, fly ash will be sent to horizontal rotary cutter by conveyor for primary crushing. After crushing, materials will be sent to drying drum. There are many lifting plates set in the cylinder, which will line in a spiral shape. Through the rotation of cylinder, materials will be lifted and scattered repeatedly by lifting plates. The materials will be further crushed by the hit of cylinder wall. Lifted materials will fully contact with hot air for heat exchange and moisture evaporation. After finishing drying process, materials will be discharged out. Discharged dusty wet air will be collected by dust removal equipment. 

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Project Case

Technical Parameters

Model Inclination(%) Rotary speed(r/min) Inlet temperaure(℃) Power (KW) Capacity (t/h) Area(㎡)
TDWF-Ⅰ 3—5 3—8 ≤850 9.2 1—1.5 60
TDWF-Ⅱ 3—5 3—8 ≤850 12.5 1.5—2.5 80
TDWF-Ⅲ 3—5 3—8 ≤850 19.5 2.5—3.5 100
TDWF-Ⅳ 3—5 3—8 ≤850 25.5 3—4.5 200
TDWF-Ⅴ 3—5 3—8 ≤850 33.5 4.5—5.5 200
TDWF-Ⅵ 3—5 3—8 ≤850 42.5 5.5—6.5 260

Core Equipment

Applicable Materials

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