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Gypsum Cement kiln

Gypsum Cement kiln

Diameter of kiln: 2.5 to 6m
Weight: 149.61 to 1659t
Motor power: 55 to 950×2kw
Application: it is mainly applied to gypsum production line in calcining process.
Product Details
Product introduction
Gypsum rotary kiln is a primary device used for initial extraction and purification. It can product large amount products at one time. Gypsum produced by rotary kiln can be widely used for building industry, medicine, mould processing and chemical industry. Gypsum has become a very important elements in people’s daily life.
There exist difference between gypsum and natural gypsum. For example, gypsum holds high purity, much free water, even distribution and poor grading. It should be noticed that the sources of gypsum and natural gypsum are different. Gypsum mainly contains calcium carbonate and calcium sulfite. The state of impurities differ much. In addition, the process technology in desulfurization craft is different.
Gypsum rotary kiln is an initial equipment applied to process gypsum. It holds great output capacity. The process technology of gypsum and equipment are not the same with that of natural gypsum. For example, the value of gypsum produced in gypsum rotary kiln gets improved. The gypsum can be used for building project, pharmacological treatment, mold making, chemical industry, cement adjustment and other relevant industries. It has already become a necessary product in daily life.  
Exhibition of gypsum rotary kiln 
gypsum rotary kiln
gypsum rotary kiln
gypsum rotary kiln
Technical features of gypsum rotary kiln
1.     There is a vertical preheater added at the kiln tail, which can transfer flue gas with about 900 degree directly to limestone. When the temperature of flue gas decreases to about 230 degree, flue gas will enter dust wiper through vent pipe. This method can effectively recycle waste heat.
2.     The length of gypsum rotary kiln is reduced to 14 to 15. The length reduction can not only reduce heat loss, but also reduce covering area of equipment. Meanwhile, the transmission power of kiln body is reduced.
3.     The whole gypsum production line holds advantages of high level automation and centralized control. Also, image display of each control point and supervision are set. Operation parameters can be recorded automatically and can be printed at any time.
4.     The design of kiln head is integrated, which can not only guarantee seal performance, but also can avoid casual emission of heat and dust.
5.     The discharge cooling system adopts vertical cooler to replace original monocular cooler, which avoids heat loss. The 1000-degree finished products which fall from kiln head will exchange heat with secondary heat. Then, gypsum can be cooled down to about 80 degrees. After returning to kiln, heat will become combustible gas. Exhaust gas will be reused.
Production chart of rotary kiln
1.     After entering rotary kiln, raw materials will enter standard bin through seven stages. After inflatable homogenization, raw materials will be fed into preheater through electro pneumatic valve, electric control flow valve, chute and belt conveyor. Raw materials will exchange heat with hot airflow. When raw materials will arrive at cyclone cylinder, raw materials will enter decomposition furnace for calcining. After raw materials enter five-level cyclone for feed-gas separation, raw materials will enter gypsum rotary kiln for calcining.
2.     The decomposition furnace is composed of furnace body and gas pipeline. Tertiary air enters furnace through one side. Materials get into furnace through two feeding opening. Decomposed materials will enter rotary kiln after being collected by five-level cyclone cylinder. The rotary kiln adopts three-section grate cooler. Stroke adopts hydraulic style. The real area of grate bed is 121.2 square meters. Dust collected by new style rotary kiln head will mix with clinker in grate cooler. Finally, dust and clinker will sent to three clinker silos.
3.     Hot air in high-temperature section of cooler will enter gypsum rotary kiln as secondary air through hot kiln hood. Partial air will enter decomposition furnace as tertiary air. Middle-temperature hot air in cooler enters coal grinder to dry raw coal. Residual gas will be discharged into atmosphere after being processed by electrical dust wiping system.
4.     Exhaust gas treatment, preheated hot air will be sucked by high temperature fan. Then, after being cooled, hot air will work as drying heat source for raw material system or discharged in to atmosphere after being processed by electrical dust wiping system at kiln tail.
Technical Parameters
Dimensions Power
Total weight
Length (m) Inclination (%) Output (t/h) Rotary speed (r/min)
Φ2.5×40 2.5 40 3.5 180 0.44-2.44 55 149.61 With vertical preheater
Φ2.5×50 2.5 50 3 200 0.62-1.86 55 187.37 ----
Φ2.5×54 2.5 54 3.5 204 0.48-1.45 55 196.29 ----
Φ2.7×42 2.7 42 3.5 320 0.10-1.52 55 198.5 ----
Φ2.8×44 2.8 44 3.5 400 0.437-2.18 55 201.58 Decomposition outside kiln  
Φ3.0×45 3 45 3.5 500 0.5-2.47 75 210.94 ---- 
Φ3.0×48 3 48 3.5 700 0.6-3.48 100 237 Decomposition outside kiln  
Φ3.0×60 3 60 3.5 300 0.3-2 100 310 Bauxite calcining kiln
Φ3.2×50 3.2 50 4 1000 0.6-3 125 278 Decomposition outside kiln  
Φ3.3×52 3.3 52 3.5 1300 0.266-2.66 125 283 Preheat decomposition kiln
Φ3.5×54 3.5 54 3.5 1500 0.55-3.4 220 363 Preheat decomposition kiln
Φ3.6×70 3.6 70 3.5 1800 0.25-1.25 125 419 Exhaust heat power
Φ4.0×56 4 56 4 2300 0.41-4.07 315 456 Preheat decomposition kiln
Φ4.0×60 4 60 3.5 2500 0.396-3.96 315 510 Preheat decomposition kiln
Φ4.2×60 4.2 60 4 2750 0.4-3.98 375 633 Preheat decomposition kiln
Φ4.3×60 4.3 60 3.5 3200 0.396-3.96 375 583 Preheat decomposition kiln
Φ4.5×66 4.5 66 3.5 4000 0.41-4.1 560 710.4 Preheat decomposition kiln
Φ4.7×74 4.7 74 4 4500 0.35-4 630 849 Preheat decomposition kiln
Φ4.8×74 4.8 74 4 5000 0.396-3.96 630 899 Preheat decomposition kiln
Φ5.0×74 5 74 4 6000 0.35-4 710 944 Preheat decomposition kiln
Φ5.6×87 5.6 87 4 8000 Max4.23 800 1265 Preheat decomposition kiln
Φ6.0×95 6 95 4 10000 Max5 950×2 1659 Preheat decomposition kiln

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