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Industrial Kiln Furnace

Industrial Kiln Furnace

Output capacity: 180 to 10000t/h
Weight: 149.61 to 1659t
Specifications: Φ2.5×40-Φ6.0×95
Application: it is mainly applied to building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, refractory materials and environmental industries. 
Product Details
Product introduction
Rotary kiln is common rotary calcining kiln which can be seen in daily life. Because it will rotates while working, people always call it rotary kiln. This kind of equipment is widely applied to cement, metallurgy, chemical industry and lime. Therefore, there exist lime rotary kiln, metallurgy rotary kiln and cement kiln. 
Henan Taida is a professional company which can produce various rotary kilns to be applied to different industries, such as metallurgy and chemical industry. According to different raw materials, rotary kiln can be classified to cement rotary kiln, lime kiln, ceramsite kiln, zinc oxide kiln and etc.

Exhibition of rotary kiln 
rotary kiiln
rotary kiln
rotary kiln
Technical crafts

1.     No matter what kind of rotary kiln it is, the working principle is almost the same. The rotary kiln is mainly divided into two kinds, wet type and dry type. At present, the wet type rotary kiln produced by Zhengzhou Taida holds long kiln body (draw ratio is 30 to 40). In order to increase heat transfer area, there is always chains hung at kiln tail, which can speed up water evaporation. For wet type rotary kiln, water will be added to raw materials mill. Then, raw materials will be made into slurry with 30% to 40% moisture content. Proper slurry will be fed into kiln for being calcining to clinker. After cooling, clinker will be sent to clinker bin. After drying and grinding, raw coal can provide heat for calcining.
2.      Features of wet rotary kiln: because raw materials will be made into slurry, materials holds advantages of great adaptability, uniformity, stability, superior quality and strong strength. In the grinding process, there is less dust and fly ash produced. But, in order to evaporate 30% to 40% moisture content of slurry, a great amount of heat will be consumed. This part of energy will account for one second or one third cost. Owing to high thermal consumption, energy consumption and water consumption, wet type cement production has been classified into outdated kiln.
3.     At present, our country has become the most popular rotary kiln production equipment in contemporary market. Industrial rotary kiln produced by our company holds advantages of advanced mechanism, good quality, stability and strong bearing capacity. This kind of rotary kiln has become the most ideal equipment which can avoid disadvantages and adhere advantages of traditional rotary kiln. The production capacity is very outstanding. 

Main structure of rotary kiln 
industrial kiln furnace
The main structure of rotary kiln consist three major aspects:
1.     Kiln shell: it is common main body of rotary kiln. It can be seen from the outside.
2.     Rim: it is also important part of rotary kiln.
3.     Thrust roller: it is a limit switch to limit the movement of rotary kiln. Because the thrust roller is longer than kiln tire. In order to make riding wheel and belt move up and down and wear evenly, there is no thrust roller equipped on rim.
Price of Zhengzhou Taida rotary kiln: if you want to specific price of Zhengzhou taida rotary kiln, you can ask Taida online service or call at 0086-18539990967.
Zhengzhou Taida: rotary kiln manufacturer: Zhengzhou Taida is a rotary kiln production base well-known in the whole country. The rotary kiln produced by Taida holds great quality and preferential price. Expect your visiting to our factory. You can also bring your materials to our factory for testing the effect of your machines.

1.     The rotary kiln produced by Taida is innovated continuously by our scientific staff. We overcome traditional disadvantages such as unstable quality, huge energy consumption, environmental pollution and low thermal efficiency.
2.     High quality of finished products, easy to be controlled and maintained; suitable to be used for large-scale production;
3.     Energy saving and cause no pollution to environment;
4.     Good seal performance; easy operation and reliable running;
Working principle:
The cylinder body of rotary kiln is made from steel plate. There is refractory lining embedded in inner body. The cylinder body forms a certain inclination with horizontal level. The cylinder body is supported by three kiln tires. When the rotary kiln is running normally, power is transferred to gear device from main driving motor to drive rotary kiln. Materials will be incinerated from the kiln end to inner kiln. Owing to the inclination and slow rotation, materials will move along peripheral direction and axial direction. Finally, clinker will enter cooler from kiln head. Fuels will enter the kiln from kiln head. After exchange impact, exhaust air and materials will be exported out from kiln tail.

Technical Parameters
Total weight
Inclination (%)
Rotary speed
Φ2.5×40 2.5 40 3.5 180 0.44-2.44 55 149.61 With vertical preheater
Φ2.5×50 2.5 50 3 200 0.62-1.86 55 187.37 ----
Φ2.5×54 2.5 54 3.5 204 0.48-1.45 55 196.29 ----
Φ2.7×42 2.7 42 3.5 320 0.10-1.52 55 198.5 ----
Φ2.8×44 2.8 44 3.5 400 0.437-2.18 55 201.58 Decomposition outside the kiln
Φ3.0×45 3 45 3.5 500 0.5-2.47 75 210.94 ---- 
Φ3.0×48 3 48 3.5 700 0.6-3.48 100 237 Decomposition outside the kiln
Φ3.0×60 3 60 3.5 300 0.3-2 100 310 Bauxite calcining kiln
Φ3.2×50 3.2 50 4 1000 0.6-3 125 278 Decomposition outside the kiln
Φ3.3×52 3.3 52 3.5 1300 0.266-2.66 125 283 preheat decomposition
Φ3.5×54 3.5 54 3.5 1500 0.55-3.4 220 363 preheat decomposition
Φ3.6×70 3.6 70 3.5 1800 0.25-1.25 125 419 Residual heat power
Φ4.0×56 4 56 4 2300 0.41-4.07 315 456 preheat decomposition
Φ4.0×60 4 60 3.5 2500 0.396-3.96 315 510 preheat decomposition
Φ4.2×60 4.2 60 4 2750 0.4-3.98 375 633 preheat decomposition
Φ4.3×60 4.3 60 3.5 3200 0.396-3.96 375 583 preheat decomposition
Φ4.5×66 4.5 66 3.5 4000 0.41-4.1 560 710.4 preheat decomposition
Φ4.7×74 4.7 74 4 4500 0.35-4 630 849 preheat decomposition
Φ4.8×74 4.8 74 4 5000 0.396-3.96 630 899 preheat decomposition
Φ5.0×74 5 74 4 6000 0.35-4 710 944 preheat decomposition
Φ5.6×87 5.6 87 4 8000 Max4.23 800 1265 preheat decomposition
Φ6.0×95 6 95 4 10000 Max5 950×2 1659 preheat decomposition

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