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Limestone kiln Furnace

Limestone kiln Furnace

Specification: Φ1.4-Φ4.8    Rotary speed: 0.23 to 2.26r/min
Capacity: 0.6 to 208 ton per hour
Application range: applied to calcine dolomite, hematite, josephinite and lean iron ore.
Applications: calcination of active-lime and dolomite; 
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Product introduction
Exhibition of limestone kiln 
limestone kiln furnace

limestone kiln furnace

limestone kiln furnace
Limestone rotary kiln is also called limestone kiln which makes use of rotation and inner fuel to finish calcination work. It is widely applied to various industries. The highest temperature of rotary kiln can reach about 5000 degrees.
The kiln is cylindrical vessel, inclined slightly to the horizontal, which rotates slowly about its axis. The materials to be processed is fed into the upper end of the cylinder. As the kiln rotates, materials gradually moves down towards the lower end and may undergo a certain amount of stirring and mixing. Hot gases pass along the kiln, sometimes in the same direction as the processed materials (co-current), but usually in the opposite direction (counter-current). The hot gases may be generated in an external furnace, or may be generated by a flame inside the kiln. Such as flame is projected from a burner pipe (or firing-pipe) which acts like a large Bunsen burner. The fuel for this may be gas, oil or pulverized coal.
Structure of limestone kiln furnace
Limestone kiln furnace holds advanced structure. New type vertical preheater can effectively improve preheating effect. Decomposition rate can reach 20% to 25%. One can make use of small-sized limestone directly. Limestone kiln consists mainly of kiln body, feed device, material distribution device, combustion device, ash discharging device, electricity device, instrument control device and dust wiping system. Different limestone kilns hold different forms and combustion forms. Their technology crafts are almost the same. But, the value differ much. 
Technical features:
1.     Rotary kiln can calcine limestone particles whose size are below 10 mm.
2.     The rotation can speed up the transmission of raw materials; hot air can contact with the surface of raw materials; the heated kiln wall will contact discharge heat continuously and contact with materials;
3.     Owing to the rotation, materials can be mixed evenly in order to fulfill continuous heat balance; therefore, materials can be calcined evenly;
4.     The heating process of materials is retrorse.
5.     The rotary process and technical parameters can be controlled and adjusted conveniently. 
Working principle:
There is a certain inclination between rotary kiln machine and horizontal level. The kiln can rotate along the driven of big gear. After the entry of limestone and fuel, when the kiln body is preheated to about 850 degrees, decomposition will be finished. Calcination can be fulfilled when the temperature reaches to 1200 degrees. After cooling process, materials will be discharged out. Different kilns hold different preheating, calcining, cooling and ash-discharging ways.
Limestone and fuels are put into limestone kiln. After kiln body is preheated to 850 degree, decomposition will start. Calcining process will be finished when the temperature reaches to 1200 degrees. After cooling, materials will be discharged out of the kiln. All the production processes of limestone are finished. Different kilns holds different preheating, calcining, cooling and ash discharging methods. Our machine holds advantages of high quality of raw materials, high thermal-value of fuels, and less energy consumption. The size of limestone will change with calcining time. Activity of limestone will change oppositely with calcining time and combustion temperature.
Reliable seal performance is helpful for air leakage factor. Limestone rotary kiln holds stuffed and sectioned cylinder and square vertical cooler, which makes low temperature of lime. Therefore, the factors mentioned above makes great convenience for conveying, transportation and storage. In addition, secondary air can be preheated to over 7000 degrees. Thus, moving parts and special materials can be decreased. The primary principle of lime calcining is to rely on high temperature. Then decompose the calcium carbonate into calcium oxide and carbon dioxide. 
1.     Low pressure drop preheaters;
2.     Raw mill equipped with high efficiency separator;
3.     You can choose different heat sources for limestone kiln;
4.     Low fuel consumption; materials can be processed evenly;
5.     Running process and calcining technological crafts can be controlled conveniently;
6.     Fuels hold high thermal value; less fuel consumed;


Technical Parameters
Design capacity(t/d) 150 200 250 300 350 400
Rotary kiln Specification (m) Φ2.5×40 Φ2.8×42 Φ3×46 Φ3.2×50 Φ3.5×54 Φ3.6×56
Effective volume (m3) 142 190 235 292 390 430
Combustion temperature 1350/1250 1350/1250 1350/1250 1350/1250 1350 1350
Design capacity (t/d) 500 600 750 800 1000  
Products Active lime Active lime Active lime Active lime Active lime  
Rotary kiln Specification (m) Φ3.8×58 Φ4×60/ Φ4.2×50 Φ4.3×58 Φ4.3×64 Φ4.8×68  
Effective volume (m3) 505 575/548 670 738 1005  
Combustion temperature 1350 1350 1350 1350 1350      

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