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Makes Use of Residual Heat to Provide Electricity for Rotary Kiln Production

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Makes Use of Residual Heat to Provide Electricity for Rotary Kiln Production
Many customer knows that only rotary kiln can produce good active lime. With the put forward of national environmental protection call-on, many rotary kiln manufactures prefer to utilize residual heat to provide power, which makes many factories gain much profits. Professional engineers from Zhengzhou Taida will provide you detailed explanations for residual heat utilization.
 If you want to know how to utilize residual heat to provide power, you have to know the basic principle first. Softened water will be deoxidized first by deoxidizer. Then, after adding pressure, softened water will enter boiler to be heated to saturated water which enters residual boiler and boiler stream bubble.
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In real production process, system configuration of rotary kiln will different according to different production of cement plants. Here are three different situations:
  1. Takes advantage of condensing steam turbo group. After deoxidizing, heated saturated water will enter kiln head. Then, pass through evaporator and superheater. Finally, enter steam turbine for electricity generation.
  2. Takes advantage of double-pressure steam which will matches with stream turbine set. Compared with the first method, this method adds one low-pressure steam pocket, evaporator and superheater. With the function of coal-saving equipment, saturated hot water will be split into three directions. Saturated water at low-pressure steam pocket will produce another kind of saturated steam under the function of evaporator and superheater. Main steam will enter through main air inlet to generate electricity.
  3. Take advantage of residual heat of boiler and hot water to generate electricity. Flash evaporation refers to the phenomenon that high-pressure water will be vaporized fast in low-pressure environment. Exhaust gas with a temperature of about 300 degrees will be applied as heat source. There is residual heat boiler and flash evaporator set in this system.
  After getting knowing the low-temperature electricity generation method, it will be much easier for customers to improve production technology of industrial kiln furnace. Taking residual heat to produce heat is a very beneficial way to produce power for industrial rotary kiln’s production process. With many years’ experience, Zhengzhou Taida group can offer you professional design and production technology. If you have more questions to ask about rotary kiln, you can call us at 0086-18539990967 or send email to info@tdaxy.com

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