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Proper Methods to Control Fire Temperature of Industrial Rotary Kiln

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  Flame temperature is very important in the running process of rotary kiln. It affects the quality of calcined final products. The kiln skin is formed when flame is very long. Kiln skin can protect the service life of refractory bricks in burning zone. In order to achieve better effect, customers can takes following measures.
Vortex air can be sent to outer pipe or internal pipe from coal powder conveying and air conveying process. There will be minority of vortex flow formed in the internal side of coal powder pipe. Steep peak temperature will be formed. Correspondingly, there will be vortex flow formed at the external side of coal powder pipe and the strength is very uniform. The volatile effect of fuels in rotary kiln will be very even.
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  Increase the speed of large axial flow velocity. Set one smoke gathering hood at the front side of injection nozzle. When the air speed is very fast, flame will be stretched. Smoke gathering hood can reduce the transverse expansion. Then, flame will be more even. After properly adjusting vortex angle and injection speed, flame shape will be adjusted also.
In the designing process of rotary kiln burner, there are two kinds of jet patterns which both can produce air flow. Also, there is internal backflow formed at the center and outside of flame. These two methods make use of parallel jet of cylinder injection nozzle and axial air in outmost layer respectively. In addition, both two methods will do help to the volatilization of coal powder and stabilization of flame.
  If you also have problems about the flame temperature control in industrial kiln furnace, you can call us at 0086-18539990967 or send email to info@tdaxy.com. As a professional industrial kiln furnace manufacturer, we are glad to provide help for you.

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