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Necessary Process Guidance for Desulfurized Gypsum Calcining Technology

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  In real production process of thermal power plants, there will be a great amount of desulfurized gypsum produced. According to corresponding scale of power plants, Zhengzhou Taida Group, china famous industrial kiln furnace manufacturer, puts forward some necessary process guidance for calcining gypsum.
gypsum cement kiln
1. Make full use of advantages of thermal power plants; make full use of exhaust heat and low energy (contains exhaust steam, flue gas and hot air from preheater). Reduce the utilization of advanced energy types, such as electricity, petroleum, coal and etc.) In order to realize energy-saving aim and unnecessary pollution to environment.
2. Rotary kiln dryer equipment can adapt to various moisture range and various size.
3. Drying equipment should be placed near dehydration belt in order to avoid repeated conveying process.
4. Taida professional equipment consumes less energy and save more space occupied.
5. All automatic control system are supposed to not be lower than present standard.
6. Production site must meet energy-saving and environmental friendly standard;
7. The desulfurized gypsum calcining should be combined with thermal power plant’s features. When all relevant systems are combined with host in thermal plants,
Owing to the unstable moisture in gypsum surface, although the moisture content is from 10% to 15%. Owing to the maintenance and running operation cost, operators should pay more attention to moisture control of desulfurized gypsum.
 According to new drying theory, it is always a very fast process to eliminate the surface moisture. On the contrary, it will cost much more time to eliminate internal moisture. It is a very slow process. For those materials with large bulk, Zhengzhou Taida suggest you to choose two different drying methods for reducing surface moisture and internal moisture.
Based on information mentioned above, in order to well adapt to the change of moisture and fulfill calcining process perfectly, Zhengzhou Taida adopt two-step mode for the design of gypsum cement kiln.
 Zhengzhou Taida Group, china famous professional industrial kiln furnace manufacturer, mainly specializes in disposing various sticky gypsum and sludge materials. If you want to dispose desulfurized gypsum, you can call us at 0086-18539990967 or send email to info@tdaxy.com

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