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Rotary Kiln Dryer

Rotary Kiln Dryer

Power: 30 w
Rotary speed: 5r/m
Evaporation capacity: 100kg/h
Applicable Materials: chicken manure, slag, compound fertilizer, straw briquette fuel, granular fuel and saw dust briquette.
Product Details
Product introduction
Main types of rotary kiln
Rotary kiln refers to rotary calcining kiln which belongs to building materials equipment. According to the types to be processed, rotary kiln can mainly classified into cement rotary kiln, metallurgical chemistry kiln, limestone rotary kiln and etc. 
Application of rotary kiln 
Rotary kiln is used for making of cement clinker and there are dry and wet methods to make cement; it can also be used for magnetic roasting of iron ore and oxidizing roasting of chrome and nickel in the steel factory; it can be applied to baking high-alumina mine in the refractory material factory; it can be used for baking alumina in the aluminum factory and baking chrome powder and chrome ore in the chemical plant; it can be used for baking active lime and dolomite in the steel factory and ferroalloy factory.
Working principle of rotary kiln
Through technical renovation, many advanced systems have been adopted in calcining equipment. In order to improve automation degree, the industrial TV at the kiln head has been used for work monitoring. The simulation phosphor screen has been used for display of process flow. The infrared scanning system has been adopted for calcining zone to directly reflect the burning conditions on the computer. With the utilization of these new technologies, it is more convenient and reliable for rotary kiln system to be operated. Therefore, the thermal condition can remain in a stable state and the running rate of equipment may be improved. Compared to the same size of the equipment, its running rate has been increased more than 10%. The productivity has been increased 5% to 10% and the heat consumption has been reduced to less than 15%.
Rotary kiln dryer is mainly used for the magnetizing calcining of lean iron ore in iron and steel plant in metallurgy industry. The chromites and josephinite oxidizing calcining, calcining of dewalquite and clinker aggregate and aluminum hydroxide roasting in aluminum factory. The rotary kiln (activity limestone kiln) can be used for calcining activity lime and dolomite in iron and steel plant and ferroalloy works.
1.     Reliable running; easy operation; great adaptability;
2.     Can be widely applied to metallurgy, chemical industry, coal washing and fertilizer, sand, clay, kaolin, sugar and other aspects.
3.     Materials can contact with hot air fully;
4.     High process capacity; less energy consumption; low drying cost;
5.     Drum body can run stably; can afford overload;
Working principle:
The rotary drum holds a certain inclination which makes wet materials enter the rotary dryer from upper part. Then, materials will be collected from the lower part. Hot air can enter the rotary dryer from both feed end and discharge end. There is forward copy board in the cylinder, which makes materials get lifted and scattered repeatedly. Therefore, material can contact with hot air fully to improve drying efficiency and drive materials forward. Generally speaking, heat source are hot air, hot flue gas and steam. The heat source can be chosen according to the certain quality of materials. The evaporation capacity is 30 to 80 kg per cubic meters. Evaporation capacity will change along with the change of hot air and materials’ moisture. 
Pictures of rotary kiln 
rotary kiln
rotary kiln
rotary kiln
Considerate services 
If you have doubts about the effect of our machine, you can bring your materials to our factory. We will get your trust by our superior quality and ideal effect.
Reagent recipe 
According to requirements for final products, we may provide free reagent ratio and dosage to customers.
After getting customers’ information, our engineers will provide workflow and reasonable design to customers for free.
Local design 
Our technicians will provide local design, layout and tailing design for free if customers can provide detailed information.
If it is necessary, our engineer can provide about 10 days’ training and guidance (including operation, working notes and maintenance).
Technical Parameters
Production capacity
Main motor Main reducer Weight
Model Model Velocity Ratio
φ1.2×10m 2.5 7.5 Y160M-R3 ZL50-16-1 - 13.5
φ1.5×12m 3.3-4.9 10 Y160L-6B3 JZQ500-III-2F - 18.9
φ1.5×15m 4-6 18.5 Y200L-6 JZQ500-III-2F - 21
φ1.8×12m 4-6 11 Y200L-6 ZQ50-16II-2 16.46 22.33
φ2.2×12m 7-12 18.5 Y160L-6 JZQ650-III 31.5 37.6
φ2.2×14m 7-12 18.5 Y160L-6 JZQ750-III 31.5 40
φ2.2×16m 12 30 Y225M-6 JZQ750-III 31.5 45
φ2.4×14m 12 30 Y250M-6 JZQ750-III 31.5 51
φ2.4×18m 10-13 37 Y250M-6 ZL85-13-1 27.16 54
φ2.4×20m 10-14 37 Y250M-6 ZL85-13-1 27.16 54.14
φ3×20m 25 55 Y250M-4 ZL100-16-1 41.52 78
φ3×25m 32-36 75 YR280M-4 ZL100-16-1 41.52 104.9

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