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Sausages dryer

Sausages dryer


Operation method: continuous working type;
Applications: can be used to drying Chinese medicine, agricultural products, sausage and sea food. 

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Use and maintenance of Sausages dryer,dryer machine,drying machinery:

If the sausage is wet, early in the boot time job, open the mouth ventilation to row out excess

Characteristics of Sausages dryer,dryer machine,drying machinery:

Large capacity, both sides of the design with cycle of the wind, drying is more uniform and user-friendly cart design, which greatly enhance the work efficiency

Installation of access requirements of Sausages dryer,dryer machine,drying machinery:

sausge mesh belt dryer

The total electricity consumption: 10kW/380V/50 to 60Hz/3P

The power cord diameter: 3 x4mm2 +2 x 2.5mm2

Connections: 25A air switch access (H) 1,500mm

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Sausages dryer,dryer machine,drying machinery

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