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Shaft Impact Crusher

Shaft Impact Crusher


Features: new and special structure, stable structure, simple operation, durable, light weight; less spare parts;
Applications: mainly applied to non-metal, cement, refractory materials, grinding materials and metallurgy; 

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A new model substitute of cone crusher, counter-roll crusher, ball grinder, bar grinder novel, specific structures, and smooth operation

Less energy consumption , high production, and large crushing ration

Less noise and less dust pollution

Cubical products, great density of drifts

Building stones can form a protection layer during the production to keep machine body from being worn away

A few easily worn parts are made of hard abrasive material, small size, lightweight and easy to replace

Small size, easy to operate, install and maintain

Working Principle

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Technical Parameters


material-in size (mm) material-out size (mm) output (t/h) motor power (kw) weight (kg)
CP-600 6-20 0-5 30 30-75 7500
CP-750 6-20 0-5 40 75-90 9000
CP-900 6-25 0-5 50 110-150 12000
CP-1050 6-40 0-5 70 180-220 17300
CP-1250 6-50 0-5 100 265-360 22500

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