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Soybean dryer

Soybean dryer

Features: small size, easy to operate, easy to transport;
Output capacity: high output; can reduce the moisture of soybean to proper and ideal effect; 
Product Details
Product introduction

Soybean dryer:

High-quality and low price

High efficiency and low energy consumption

Good uniformity of drying product

Specification of Soybean dryer:

The Soybean dryer as vertical small grain rotary dryer machine is mainly drying for wheat, corn, rice, beans, and other rush in the harvest of food crops

Drying operation to adapt to different locations, different sizes designed specifications, multi channel wind capacity, doesn't need civil, meet large and small enterprises, access to millions of households

The new technology of drying cycle high moisture grain into the safe moisture one time have contributed for national food security and income increase of agricultural/rural farmers

The device is a powerful impetus to enterprise development, lead the industry's technological progress similar products to drive the industry to optimize and upgrade products

This product was Chinese famous brand, national best-selling product, the national testing qualified products, won the Innovation Award of Excellence in Henan Province, China Patent Award

The device has gained the second prize of scientific and technological progress in Henan Province and Utility patent

Users can select different sizes of small grain rotary dryer by the scale of agricultural production and grain drying capacity

Small grain rotary dryer is mainly used for drying high moisture rice, wheat, corn, soybeans, and other grains, suitable for farms, granaries, and grain specialized households use

Soybean dryer features:

Small grain rotary dryer device is of simple structure, small in size, easy to operate without auxiliary equipment, easy to transport and move

Soybean dryer uses hot air as drying medium, adopts cyclic drying process, grain is uniform heating, full raining, and good quality after drying

Soybean dryer use coal, rice husk or straw as fuel, after combustion, and heat transfer the hot air into a clean, pollution-free grain being dried

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Soybean dryer
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