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Taida Gypsum Cement Kiln Plays a Very Important Role in Gypsum Disposal

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 In the production process of large-scale power plants, there are a great amount of gypsum produced. In order to achieve scale-production, high quality and low cost, Zhengzhou Taida Group provides customized gypsum calcining process with consideration of practical situation of power plants.

gypsum cement kiln
1.     Gypsum cement kiln makes full use of advantages of power plants which are energy unit production units themselves. By taking advantage of exhaust heat and low-level energy, you can realize energy consumption aim while less advanced energy. in the working process of gypsum cement kiln, there will no need for extra energy and no extra pollution produced.
2.     Taida gypsum cement kiln can adapt to the high moisture of desulfurized gypsum and various size.
3.     If local condition permits, you can place the drying device near desulfurized vacuum dehydration belt, which can avoid repeated transportation of materials.
4.     All matched equipment for gypsum cement kiln are automatically controlled.
5.     The production site can totally meet energy-saving and environmental standards.
6.     Considering the production feature of power plant production and various characteristics of various materials, Zhengzhou Taida can design reasonable structure for gypsum cement kiln in order to guarantee stable production.
7.     Combined with new calcing and drying theory, zhengzhou taida group can design a corresponding gypsum cement kiln to fulfill gypsum production aim.
As a unique industrial kiln furnace manufacturer in china, Zhengzhou Taida can provide you efficient gypsum cement kiln. With Zhengzhou Taida professional guidance and energy-saving gypsum cement kiln, you can fulfill your production aim with less energy and less investment cost. If you are interested in Zhengzhou Taida gypsum cement kiln, you can call us at 0086-18539990967 or send email to info@tdaxy.com

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