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Zhengzhou Taida Professional Industrial Kiln Furnace Manufacturer Brings You New Ideas on Hazardous Wastes

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  With more and more wastes produced in daily life, more and more people and enterprises pay more and more attention to effective disposal of hazardous wastes. Aimed at producing more new industrial kiln furnace for customers, Zhengzhou Taida, china famous industrial kiln furnace manufacturer, attaches much importance to innovation of energy-saving rotary kiln dryer equipment.
  You may ask what hazardous wastes rotary kiln is. It is a kind of industrial kiln furnace which is applied to treat hazardous wastes. If you want to achieve harmless, reduction and thickening aim, it will be the best way to utilize rotary kiln dryer equipment.

sludge rotary kiln
What is hazardous wastes?

Developed countries always call hazardous wastes as political wastes which hold poisonousness, explosion, reactivity, infectivity and radioactivity. These wastes will bring much pollution to environment. Meanwhile, there are many kinds of hazardous wastes which have complex quality. Therefore, these wastes should be strictly controlled. It is the most effective equipment to dispose wastes by wastes sludge rotary kiln.

Necessity of the application of hazardous wastes rotary kiln

As a major equipment for treating hazardous wastes, sludge rotary kiln holds many advantages such as simple structure, reliable performance, wide adaptability and low cost.
industrial wastes sludge rotary kiln manufacturer
Unique design of Zhengzhou Taida sludge rotary kiln

The main design of wastes sludge rotary kiln consists of several parts: rotary kiln’s size, rotary kiln’s running mode, combustion mode, refractory material’s design and monitoring of incineration system. Zhengzhou Taida wastes sludge rotary kiln dryer is characterized by long retention time, and good heat insulation performance. Our special design makes it possible that raw materials can be stirred fully. Through the rotation of rotary kiln, wastes will move forward to lower end of rotary kiln dryer. In order to make wastes combusted fully.

Simple process diagram of Zhengzhou Taida wastes sludge rotary kiln dryer
process diagram of industrial sludge kiln dryer furnace
There always are second combustion chambers. Wastes can be burnt completely.
For majority of rotary kiln equipment, wastes sludge is often heated by hot air produced by fuel combustion. After entering the combustion furnace, hazardous wastes are heated by auxiliary burner and hot kiln wall.
By taking advantage of hazardous wastes, the disposal efficiency for wastes sludge can be greatly improved. Useful calorific value can be recycled in the calcining process of wastes sludge rotary kiln dryer. If you want to find a reliable industrial kiln furnace manufacturer in china, you can call us at 0086-18539990967 or send email to info@tdaxy.com

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