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rotary vacuum dryer

rotary vacuum dryer


Features: work in vacuum condition;
Advantages: High frequency heating, more equal, and dry faster;
Applications: Large square wood material, hard board leaved tree material, rare wood as well as other rare wood material;

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Rotary vacuum dryer

Block wood, veneer, and panel

Fast drying 20 to 30 hours per cycle

No cracking, no bending

Worm killing

Advantages of Rotary vacuum dryer:

High frequency heating, more equal, and dry faster

17 times faster than wood dust burnt rotary dryer

The drying cycle are mainly 20 to 30 hours (it differences with the different wood type and size)

Vacuum condition, dry faster in lower temperature to eliminate the problem of split

rotary vacumm kiln dryer supplier

It is more suitable for Rotary vacuum dryer:

Large square wood material

Hard board leaved tree material

Rare wood as well as other rare wood material

Features of Rotary vacuum dryer:

In vacuum condition, drying at lower temperature (60°C or lower, adjustable)

High Frequency heating, almost 17 times faster than conventional rotary dryer

20 to 30 hours per cycle

Cylinder pressure to prevent bending

No cracking and no bending

It is suitable for all kinds of wood, especially for hard wood, and rare wood

It can save the time and cost

Worm killing and no color changing

No pollution


HF and vacuum condition of Rotary vacuum dryer:

As HF heats from inside, so the core of wood will dry first, and then gradually to the outside, then the vacuum pump extract the moisture out from inside thus make the surface of wood is always wet, for some hard wood if the surface is dried quickly, there will be spark on the surface and leave permanent defect on the wood, but HF vacuum condition will totally eliminate the problem

Temperature control of Rotary vacuum dryer:

There is temperature sensor which guard on the temperature, user can set different max and min temperature according to different wood, then if the temperature reaches the max limit, the heating stop, but if it falls to the min, the heating will start again

For some hard wood that very sensitive on the temperature, this is a big advantage


Working Principle

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Project Case

Technical Parameters


YZG-600 Φ×L YZG-800 Φ×L YZG-1000 Φ×L YZG-1400 Φ×L FZG-15 L×W×H
inside size of chamber (mm) 600×976 800×1274 1000×1527 1400×2054 1500×1400×1200
size of chamber (mm) 1153×810×1020 1700×1040×1335 1693×1190×1500 2386×1657×1920 1513×1924×2060
layers of baking shelf 4 4 6 8 8
layer of baking shelf (mm) 81 82 102 102 122
size of baking shelf (mm) 310×600×45 460×600×45 460×640×45 460×640×45 460×640×45
number of baking disk 4 8 12 32 32
permitted pressure inside the pipe of baking shell(Mpa) ≤0.784(8kgf/cm2) ≤0.784 ≤0.784 ≤0.784 ≤0.784
temperature inside chamber() ≤150 ≤150 ≤150 ≤150 ≤150
vacuum in idle inside chamber ≤30
when vacuum is 30 torr and the heating temperature is 1100C,vaporized rate of water(kg/m2.h) 7.2
if use condensator,type and power of vacuum pump(kw)   2X-15A 2kW 2X-30A 3kW W3 5.5kW W3 7.5kW 2X-70A 7.5kW
if not use condensator,type and power of vacuum pump(kw) SK-0.8 2.2kW SK-3 5.5kW SK-3 5.5kW SK-3 7.5kW SK-3 7.5kW
weight of drying chamber(kg) 250 600 800 1000 2100
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Rotary vacuum dryer

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